about Silbersee

Silbersee is a production centre for unorthodox music theatre and experimental opera. Artistic director and founder Romain Bischoff creates meetings between a diversity of theatre makers, composers, writers, singers, dancers, actors, choreographers, puppeteers, circus performers and other artists, in genres ranging from classical to urban. This leads to interdisciplinary performances that each in their own way are physical, poetic and disarming.

artistic director

Silbersee's artistic director is Romain Bischoff. As well as being a singer and conductor, he an initiator and driving force behind interdisciplinary creations. He sees innovation, research and risk-taking as fundamental requirements. Underlying all his work is the conviction that music theatre and opera are not only for insiders, but belong on a wide stage. For more information see www.romainbischoff.com.


Together with Bärbel Kühn, Romain Bischoff founded VocaalLab (Nederlands Vocaal Laboratorium) in 2002 with the aim of working with a pool of young singers to specialise in contemporary vocal music and innovative music theatre. Core activities included performing in unusual locations, collaborating with makers from different disciplines and working with both established and young composers. The company gradually grew to become a production centre for ground-breaking music theatre and opera. To mark this development, in 2014 VocaalLab adopted a new name: Silbersee.


artistic and general director Romain Bischoff
assistent to the general director Sophie Pfaff
dance répétiteur Juliette van Ingen
business manager Katrien Sitters
production manager Jimmy-Pierre de Graaf
PR and communication & Production Spr!tzl Björn van Raaij
audition coordinator Jennifer Claire van der Hart

board of directors

Beppie Blankert (secretary), Loes Dommering (chair), Piet van Gennip (ordinary member), Marisa Monsanto (ordinary member), Gilbert Vanblarcum (ordinary member), Michael de Roo (ordinary member), Harald Tepper (treasurer)

Silbersee subscribes to the governance code for culture and the code for cultural diversity. The company has the status of an ANBI (public benefit organisation). For more information on the possibilities to become a friend or donor and for enquiries about our annual report, please contact us at info@silbersee.com

Silbersee receives long-term funding from the Performing Arts Fund NL.

auditions for singers and other performers

Silbersee makes productions at the meeting-point between a variety of disciplines, with music and the human voice as leitmotifs. Since 2002 we have built up an international pool of all-round performers. Within this collective, young talent is constantly developing. Young singers who dare to go beyond their voice and are eager to encounter other art forms can apply to audition. Experience in more than one artistic discipline is an advantage. Performers from other disciplines (actors, dancers, musicians, etc.) who have a strong affinity with music theatre are also welcome. For more information, please contact Jennifer Claire van der Hart (audition coordinator).