spr!tzl atelier voor onwaarschijnlijke kunstvormen

Photo Lukasz Wierzbowski

Blistering vocal cords? Mesmeric techno? Dissonant pas de deux?

This season, music theatre production house Silbersee presents Spr!tzl, a new studio for improbable artforms by trailblazing makers. Spr!tzl invites makers from every possible discipline to pitch extraordinary projects for an interdisciplinary panel of experts on 10 December. You can pitch as an individual or as a group.

The makers with the most brilliant plans will receive a development budget to realise their project in 2018 under Spr!tzl mentorship. If you are chosen, you will present your performance, composition, installation or other work during the first edition of the one-day Spr!tzl festival on 7 July 2018, and have a chance to win the Spr!tzl public prize.

Spr!tzl works in partnership with A Lab, A’DAM Toren and Tolhuistuin. These venues on the north bank of the IJ in Amsterdam provide the laboratory and stage for all Spr!tzl creations.

Submit your entry by 24 November 2017 for the Spr!tzl pitch on 10 December.

Spr!tzl teaser